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International Seminar on Victim Empowerment through Legal and Social Initiatives


International Seminar on Victim Empowerment  through Legal and Social Initiatives organised by Centre for Criminology, Criminal, Criminal Justice and Victimology, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab in association with In association with Indian Society of Victimology, Victim Support Asia, World Society of Victimology

About the Programme

Victims of crime play an important role in the criminal justice system as they provide an eyewitness account of the incident of crime and are relied upon heavily by the prosecution and the Court in order to adjudicate the case and decide the guilt/innocence of the accused. However, the criminal justice system has developed in such a way that more emphasis has been laid on the rights of the accused and the victim's rights/ role is being pushed to the periphery. In recent years, a “victim’s rights movement” has developed to curb this inequitable trend. The movement began as a coalition of various organizations seeking to redress the criminal justice system's inadequate treatment of victims. This Seminar, aims to bring forth varied ideas and pedagogies used across the globe towards uplifting the Victims. The programme shall comprise of multiple sessions and will follow a panel discussion based format on key themes cutting across issues of contemporary relevance to victim justice. The panels shall consist of distinguished national and international faculty, practitioners, activists and judges who have contributed extensively to the growth of the discourse on victimology and victim justice. The discussion shall be facilitated through moderated interventions."

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