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National Conference on Climate Change Litigation: Emerging Issues and Concerns


Concept Note

Presently, one of the most significant issues confronting any nation is the phenomena of climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published reports that unequivocally demonstrate how, throughout the past century, greenhouse gas concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere have increased due to damaging emissions from human activity. There is no question that this has had a role in the recent global warming of the seas, the observed increase in atmospheric temperatures, and the losses brought on by extreme weather events. Virtually every ecological and socio-economic system is impacted by climate change. It is crucial to consider the effects of climate change in everything we do, as evidenced by the relationships it has with international seas, biodiversity, land degradation, forests, chemicals, and trash. Almost every element of our life is impacted by the climate, including our food supplies, transportation systems, clothing choices, and vacation destinations. It significantly impacts our future, our health, and our way of life.

While all nations must take steps to stop additional harm to the environment and to people, developed nations have a bigger share of the responsibility for contributing to climate change and are thus largely accountable for taking swift and decisive action to minimize loss and damage in the future. It is evident that States alone will not be able to bring about a global solution; bold action must also come from larger global communities that have not only exacerbated the climate catastrophe but also obstructed the development of meaningful regulations. In light of this, the Conference on Climate Change calls for an integrated and holistic approach to address the growing threat of global climate change by involving multiple stakeholders in order to educate the present and future generations.

Increasing public knowledge of the consequences of climate change on health will help to modify people’s behaviour and build support for the measures required to cut the adverse effects of climate change. In the increasingly urgent worldwide struggle against climate change, education is crucial. Understanding this phenomena inspires young people to modify their conduct, helps them confront the effects of global warming, and helps them adjust to what is already a worldwide disaster.

The goal of the Conference on Climate Change is to create a primary forum for the exchange of knowledge, recommendations, expert viewpoints, and forward-thinking thoughts related to the topic of climate change. In addition, the conference provides a wide range of interaction possibilities, such as networking sessions, keynote speeches by well-known academics on climate change, panel discussions, group discussions, and many more engaging experiences.

In the academic and research community, we recognise and acknowledge that intensifying the global response to climate change is imperative. All parties and actors must make commitments in order to achieve this. The conference drew inspiration from the multilateral discussions and negotiations held during various climate change conferences. There is still much to be done. This conference is a first step towards raising the bar for a brighter and greener tomorrow by promoting and propagating intra- and inter-generational fairness through climate action.

The conference shall be organised on 1st June, 2024 at the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat in Hybrid Mode. It will be the multidisciplinary and collaborative conference with multi-dimensional facets of climate change litigation and greenwashing to demonstrate and emphasize diverse traces of climate action across several academic disciplines and research studies.

A handful of enthusiastic participants and delegates will gather over the course of one day in to showcase their studies and assessments on climate change. There will be a global gathering of academicians, researchers, students, and policymakers from various disciplines and backgrounds to commemorate the commencement of this national conference on climate change litigation. Throughout this conference, distinguished speakers and experts will provide opening comments, and each session will focus on a different subject or topic related to climate change. All stakeholders are cordially invited to attend this conference. 

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