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PG Diploma in IPR


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), in recent years, has emerged as perhaps the most important branch of Law having a multidisciplinary approach. Particularly in the recent past, the reach and importance has immensely grown, touching several types of industries and businesses. With the arrival of sophisticated technologies like AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain technology and the like, it is inevitable, now more than ever, to equip oneself with laws and policies that regulate these impactful changes. Even the debate revolving patent law and public health policies that followed the unprecedented COVID-19 involves an unignorable, sizeable share of IPR. From students to aspiring entrepreneurs, practitioners to research professionals and scientists, IPR shares a link with all walks of life. The importance and relevance of this subject thus grows by the day.

Staying true to its motto of serving the society with accessible education, Gujarat National Law University through the Centre for IPR in collaboration with Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), i-Hub (Gujarat Student start-up and Innovation Hub) and SSIP (The Student Start-up & Innovation Policy), is now offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (PGDIPR). The diploma course is designed to impart knowledge in the field of intellectual property law with a nuanced understanding of the content and structure of the laws protecting various types of intellectual property. This programme is aimed to create a strong foundation on the multifaceted role IP laws play in various fields. The programme is conceived with an objective to examine all aspects of Indian legal framework on Intellectual Property Rights focusing particularly on fundamental principles and application of the same to new technologies.

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