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10th International Annual Research Conference on Rule of Law in Context: Climate Change, and Sustainable Development - Indian and Global Perspectives’ SYMROLIC 2022


Dear Sir/Madam,

Season’s Greetings from Symbiosis Law School, Pune and wishing you a Happy New Year 2022 in advance!

We are pleased to inform you that the ‘‘10th International Annual Research Conference on Rule of Law in Context: Climate Change, and Sustainable Development -  Indian and Global Perspectives’ (SYMROLIC 2022) has been scheduled for 25th and 26th March, 2022.

Symbiosis Conference on Rule of Law in Context (SYMROLIC) represents the point of arrival of Faculty of Law, SIU at maturity with its own imprint in the world of legal research. The journey began as a national conference showcasing in-house research, building on research excellence within and as an avenue for developing new ideas as well as updating research ideas with skills in 2012. It grew into international participation by 2015. This has been drawing on Symbiosis International (Deemed University)’s new impetus to thrust areas, excellence centers and innovation. SYMROLIC is in keeping with lead research trends, addressing the need for legal reality to be reflecting the need for narrowing the gap between the idea and reality of a rule of law society. It is hoped that such discovery and rethinking will bring the legal community closer to serious soul searching to build a stronger rule of law, for, great research must affirm life. It must measure the march of rule of law behavior of a society and hence indicate the march of civilization.

It is an interdisciplinary conference which emphasizes Law & Life Interface in the spheres of Innovation, Science, Technology, Management, Human Behavior, Global Policy and Governance. The conference over the years has provided a strong platform to discuss, collaborate and explore diverse issues in the field of research studies. It invites some of the great minds to share and discuss their ideas on contemporary research. The conference shall be held over the span of two days which is specially designed to discuss and deliberate on various interdisciplinary areas and core issues and suggest the way forward for the respect of Rule of Law. An important feature of the conference will be the plenary session which will focus on Climate Change and Sustainable Development - the focal aspect of the Jean Monnet Chair Grant that has been received by SIU recently. Besides this the conference along with other tracks will also have a track on European Legal Studies which is part of our ongoing projects where we welcome papers relating to European Studies in Law, Management, Humanities, Science, Trade and Economics.

Climate change today is a matter of concern and policymakers and academics are increasingly discussing the significance and concerns that it poses. People today are facing the effects of greenhouse emissions. Unless serious and immediate actions are taken at policy making level to mitigate the impact of climate change, it will be seriously affecting food security, energy security, water security, healthcare and migration amongst others. Scores of people are already impacted. The El- Nino effect and the draughts have turned policy makers and researchers to study the impact of climate change and the need for severe climate adaptation and disaster preparedness plans. Considering that there is an urgent need to give rigorous impetus to climate change law, governance, management and policy in India and worldwide in order to mitigate and reduce its adverse impacts, the research conference attempts to have climate change and sustainable development as the focal point of this year’s SYMROLIC 2022 conference.


The following tracks have been identified for paper presentations (focal areas):


1. Law and Human Behavior (focal area – Legal System  & Stakeholder behaviour with respect to Law and Human Behaviour, Environmental protection)

2. Business, Trade, Commerce, Management and Law (focal area – Business, Global Climate change and Sustainable development, E-Commerce)

3. International Law, Policy and Governance (focal area - Climate Change, International Migration, Global inequalities)

4. European Studies in Law, Management, Humanities, Science, Trade and Economics (Climate Change, Migration, Corporate Compliances)

5. Innovation, Science, Technology and Law (AI, Data Science, Law Tech, 21st Teach Skills, Green Technology, Alternative Energy)

6. Public Law, Society and Governance (Role of State, Constitutionalism, Governance and Environment)

We welcome and encourage faculty members, researchers, doctoral scholars, and students from your institute to submit abstracts/research papers for participation in the conference.

The details of conference, abstract and paper submission (along with the important dates) are available on our website – www.symrolic.com The last date of abstract submission is January 20, 2022.  All submissions (abstract/ paper) must be made to symrolic@symlaw.ac.in. 

This year also due to the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic circumstances we will be holding the International Conference virtually through online platform.

For further queries or information you may write to symrolic@symlaw.ac.in  

We request you to kindly share this email with as many faculty members, researchers and students as possible within your institute.

Thanking you,


Prof. Shashikala Gurpur

Dean, Faculty of Law, SLS Pune

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