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13th Asian Criminology Conference Jointly Organised by Asian Criminological Society and Gujarat National Law University


About the Conference:
The epoch-making changes in various technologies, particularly information and communication technologies (ICT) have left its indelible mark on almost all facets of society and criminal justice systems are no exception. The emerging discourse on the interface of cutting-edge ICT and the existing criminal justice systems range from essentialism to situations where technology adds substantial value to the criminal justice processes – from supporting to replacing human discretion in the justice dispensation chain.

We no longer refer to technology per se; instead, we have come to recognize a combination of disruptive technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI) which encompasses machine learning and intelligent cybernetics. Second is the Internet of Things (IoT) that has enabled establishing digital identity of not just all living beings on the planet but also every plant, animal and bird, apart from various inanimate participants in digital processes. This has become possible due to the 2^128(equivalent to 3.4x10^38) digital addressing space now available, with the advent of IPv6. The third is the block chain technology which has a rich collection of applications that are already disrupting evidence systems, particularly in accounting and logistics by introducing new concepts of authenticity, using crypto primitives. Alongside disruptive technologies, researchers are now looking at two waves of disruption to legal systems that are triggered by the need to relate the existing criminal justice systems to the compelling changes ushered in by disruptive technologies.

This conference will address two key questions emanating from the interface of laws and technology, in the context of harnessing technology to improve criminal justice process. First will be areas where the existing laws are seen as being out-of-sync with contemporary technologies and second will be areas where technology can be used to play a significant role in the criminal justice process; particularly in policing.

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