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Call for Papers - CMRU International Conference - Space Industrialization


Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from CMR University School of Legal Studies!

The School of Legal Studies, CMR University, a pioneering institute in the realm of legal education, has been dedicated to the cause of promoting legal education and research and facilitating young individuals into the legal profession since 2003. For the past ten consecutive years, CMR School of Legal Studies has achieved a distinguished position amongst the top law colleges in India as indicated by leading national magazines.

The School of Legal Studies seeks to emphasize the integration of enterprising initiatives and creative programs in the curricular activity, transcending conventional academic orientation so as to inculcate within each of its students, a vibrant and more realistic outlook towards their life and career. To advance this mission, instilling research and analytical skills among the students has grown to be a remarkable aspiration of this institution. CMR University is dedicated to nurture creative thinkers towards driving global change. The School of Legal Studies of CMR University offers a specialized course on Air and Space Law and is one of the very few universities in India which is offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law.
In pursuance of our constant efforts to move beyond the ordinary and expand our horizons, the School of Legal Studies is organizing an International Conference on Space  Law, 2022 on the 26th March 2022. (More at - https://sites.google.com/cmr.edu.in/cmruicsl2022/home)

About the Conference:

“Space Industrialisation” refers to utilising the special environmental properties of outer space for the social and economic benefit of the people on Earth, by way of new technology. Innovators on earth are restricted to engineering according to the laws of gravity, nature and physics. Space provides a manufacturing environment free from such a restriction. Here is where the up-and-coming concept of “Space Manufacturing” gains relevance. It opens opportunities and possibilities for the development of new markets. A striking feature of in-space manufacturing and assembly is that it makes possible the launch of fully assembled components. Additionally, once launched, the satellites are assembled in orbit, making it possible for their designs to be based on efficiency and function instead of launch restrictions. When it comes to manufacturing in space, the sky is no longer the limit.. (For registering to participate visit - https://sites.google.com/cmr.edu.in/cmruicsl2022/registration)

This Conference seeks to consolidate and document the views and opinions of a veritable panel of experts from all over the world through this unique forum.  

Major Themes of the Conference: (https://sites.google.com/cmr.edu.in/cmruicsl2022/home)
Critical issues in licensing private space activities in different States
Property Rights and National Space Law
Commercialisation of the International Space Station.
Space Traffic Management in the Era of Commercialization
Commercial Space Tourism: Future Policy and Legal Challenges
Protecting Space Assets: A Legal Analysis of “Keep-Out Zones”
Space Communications Advances: Imperatives for Legal Developments
Space Resources: International Competition and Cooperation
The Emerging Trends of Space Manufacturing

Call for Papers:(https://sites.google.com/cmr.edu.in/cmruicsl2022/call-for-papers)

CMR University, School of Legal Studies invites participation from interested persons to present their papers on this year’s theme. Interested participants may select any of the sub-themes for presenting their papers in the Conference. An Abstract of 350 - 400 words along with a brief biographical note (not more than 100 words) shall be submitted by each participant on or before 15th February 2022. 

➢ The acceptance of the Abstract for presentation would be intimated by 25th February 2022.

➢ On acceptance, a complete and final paper of at least 3,500 words must be sent to the Organizing Team by 10th March 2022. 

➢ Failure to submit the Final Paper before the last date may lead to disqualification. 

➢ Submission of the Final Paper would be presumed as unconditional consent of the author/s for a possible publication by the organizers. 

➢ All paper presenters must register as individual participants.

We have attached herewith a copy of the brochure for your kind perusal. Kindly visit our conference website for more information on presenting papers and submission of abstracts  -(https://sites.google.com/cmr.edu.in/cmruicsl2022/call-for-papers)

We look forward to active participation from all law students, teachers and professionals.

Organizing Committee
International Conference on Space Law
School of Legal Studies, CMR University

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