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NFSU Journal of Forensic Justice


The NFSU Journal of Forensic Justice is the flagship journal of the School of Law, Forensic Justice and Policy Studies (National Forensic Sciences University An Institution of National Importance, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) Gandhinagar, India premier law school in India. This double-blind, peer-reviewed, international journal promotes interdisciplinary studies on Law and Forensic Science.


The aim of the NFSU Journal of Forensic Justice is to publish high quality, double-blind peer reviewed articles/ research paper, Book review and case comments from emerging as well as established specialists. The contributions can be interdisciplinary in nature.

To promote research interests among faculty, Scholars, and students
To enhance scholarly and academic writing
To stimulate an intellectual atmosphere and exchange of knowledge among academics
To promote research impact across borders
The NFSU Journal of Forensic Justice invites high-quality and original articles, case-studies, commentaries, and book reviews; for its inaugural issue in July 2022. The call for papers opportunity is open to law academics, students, researchers, and scholars. Authors can contribute articles on any of the following themes or any topic related to the broad area of Law and Forensic Justice:

1). The Role and Impact of Forensic Evidence in the Criminal Justice System

 The role of forensic science in administration of justice
 Organized crime the new menace and justice delivery Mechanism
 Role of forensics in effective implementation of law & order
 War crimes and role of forensics in justice delivery and relief to thevictims


2). Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Evidences

 Cybercrime and Role of Forensics in investigation
 Crime Scene process, management and construction
 Forensic analysis and tools
 Crime scene Investigation and Technicians
 Investigation in cybercrime and transnational cyber crime


3). Admissibility of Forensics and Digital Evidence in Criminal Courts Cyber Security Forensics / Relevancy of Forensics in Cyber Security

 Evidentiary value of Forensics and legal implications
 Innovations and Challenges in Forensic Investigation


4). Juvenile justice and role of forensics psychology to determine Juvenile's antisocial behavior

5). Digital forensics Techniques and tools

 Digital Forensics and Network Vulnerabilities
 Artificial Intelligence and Forensics
 Multimedia Forensics
 Forensic encryption
 Forensic Databases
 Forensic Epistemology
 Transforming Forensics
 Genetic Justice
 DNA profiling and Criminal Justice Administration

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