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Bail Reforms in the context of Undertrial Women Prisoners : An Action-Oriented Research with special reference to Sabarmati Central Jail in the State of Gujarat


The Indian jurisprudence on bail establishes that bail is the rule and jail is an exception. To implement this mandate several interventions have been made by both the judiciary as well as by the legislative arm and yet the prisons of India present quite a different picture. Overcrowding in prisons has reached a chronic stage and the prison system is collapsing, the greatest hardship is being faced by women, due to their gender women often face discrimination due to lack of prison infrastructure or discrimination due to resultant social stigma caused by imprisonment, and also find it difficult to secure bail or even get a surety when bail is granted to them. As a result, their right of getting a fair trial is hindered and they often suffer imprisonment without following the due process of law. 

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