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Indian Journal of Criminology - All Issues


The Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Victimology (CCV) has been established at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab for advanced research, training, policy analysis and consultancy in the areas of concerning criminology, criminal justice and victimology. The scope of the Journal encapsulates all aspects of— Criminology, Criminological sciences (Criminal Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Penology), Subsidiary sciences (Forensic Science, Forensic Medicine, Judicial Psychology), and Victimology. The journal is popular for its intellectual acumen within the academia, and is now listed in the UGC Care List.

Articles are invited from researchers and members of professional groups working in the—Police, Legal Departments, Correctional Services, Social Welfare Organisations, Forensic Sciences, Laboratories, etc.

Contributors may submit their original and unpublished pieces of research writings, adhering to the following guidelines for publication with the Indian Journal of Criminology.

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