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COO, Manupatra

“Law Teachers India is a commendable and welcomed initiative that focuses on academia. This endeavor successfully addresses a prevailing gap within the domain. Manupatra extends congratulations to the team behind Law Teachers India and is happy to support collaborative partnership to provide the necessary impetus for its advancement and success.”


Prof. V K Ahuja

Vice Chancellor, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

Law Teachers India is a unique and comprehensive project designed to cater not just the academicians as the name suggests but also legal practitioners and law students looking for opportunities, skill enhancement techniques, competitions or simply law updates of paramount interest for the law fraternity. I appreciate Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta for establishing such a wide ranging platform which is one of its kind. This initiative will act as a catalyst in this age of internet where information is ubiquitous and available at one’s fingertips. I look forward to the success Law-Teachers India will achieve and to the version in which it will evolve.


Dr. Dimpal T. Raval

Director, School of National Security and Law, RRU Gandhinagar

This one-of-a-kind initiative fosters new connections among legal practitioners and academia for the advancement of the legal profession, and the website furthers the established goals envisioned for the legal fraternity's growth. I congratulate Dr. Kalpesh for consistently adopting best practices and coming up with innovative ideas that contribute to the best interests of the legal community.  


Prof. Anand Prakash Mishra

Professor of Practice & Director, Admission. Jindal Global Law School. Director of Law Admissions, OP Jindal Global University

Must congratulate Dr. Kalpeshkumar L. Gupta to start the Law Teachers India and its website www.law-teachers.in has witnessed a great evolution of high quality legal education particularly in last 20 years. A dedicated portal and an organisation is much needed now for this cadre of legal professionals who choose academia as their calling and who teach and research producing the future generations of lawyers, judges and legal professionals! I wish Law Teachers India all success in its endeavours!


Dr. Mayuri Pandya

Director, GLS Law College, Ahmedabad

This unique initiative will usher a new bonding and academic enrichment of legal professionals. I recommend everyone to use the website and augment its objectives. Congratulations Dr Kalpesh for this brilliant idea.


Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Sinha

Director, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi

Many  Congratulations on your wonderful initiative and creating a website for the law teachers, I am sure in the days to come this platform will connect all young Law Professors where they can express their views freely and effectively,
With best wishes,


Prof. (Dr.) G S Bajpai

Vice Chancellor, National Law University, Delhi

Law teachers website is a landmark development in the Indian legal landscape. It was a much needed platform to share and display the news and information for the benefit of a large number of stakeholders. All accolades to the vision and efforts of the team who made it possible for us.


Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar

Director, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar

This website is dedicated to law teachers who raise the bar and bench. This initiative will reflect all aspects of law teachers. This will bring all law teachers together and will create an ecosystem so that all law teachers learn from each other.
Best Wishes for this noble intiative.


Dr. Chintan Pathak & Associates

Advocate, Attorney, Cyber Law & Security Consultant

Dr. Kalpeshkumar Gupta has an entrepreneur vision and approach. I knew him as a man of dedication and commitment. Once he start anything, he do it with full of conviction. I still remember when he first time  discussed the idea of Pro Bono India, I show great enthusiasm in his eyes. One very interesting thing that, I observed in his characteristics is that, he identify the problem very well  and try to resolve with best possible solution. Law Teachers Web site is one of the very good Initiative for the entire law fraternity to showcase faculty profile on one platform. I wish him all the success for this initiative and I will provide my extended support to his all new initiatives which will necessary for the society & Law fraternity. 


Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhriyal

Dean, School of Law & Forensic Justice & Policy Studies, NFSU, Gandhinagar

Law Teachers India is an incredible efforts put up by Dr. Kalpesh Gupta for the advancement, support and dissimemtate developmemtal reforms in legal education. This website is uniquely designed to share and exchange the views, understanding and research in the domain of law and legal education. The website provide excellent platform to showcase institutional and individual contribution and to inspire others for the quality research and teaching. The website is lively, interacting and promote fresh ideas and innovation in law teaching and learning. I Wish all the best to the entire team and supporters.


Dr. H K Rajput

Director, School of Law, Sabarmati University, Ahmedabad

Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta is great visionary and self-made person. His contribution for the legal fraternity is praiseworthy. He is very innovative in undertaking the tasks. The fraternity is greatly benefited by his tirelessly contribution through ProBono India and Legal Startups, shaping many law students through these mediums. Connected Law Teachers through different modes like created Group of Gujarat Law Teachers, a nice means of communication. His present project to create a platform for all India Law Teachers would prove to be a great asset for the Law Teachers. Many thanks to Dr. Kalpesh for making our path very easy. On behalf of Sabarmati University and my personal behalf I wish a great success ahead.